Private Course

Warwick Institute provides private sessions for test preparation courses by highly competent and top instructors. The students can choose their lessons and arrange the schedule so that they can improve themselves quickly. It is good for student who don’t have enough time, who need intensive class, who want to study some specific topics, or who want to study in private. We offer every general classes to private students, such as SAT&CU-AAT Math, SAT&CU-AAT Reading, CU-TEP, TU-GET, or IELTS. Also, we offer special lessons such as academic writing and interview exam for admission.

Private course is for students as following,

  1. International students with strong English skill but not as good at math can focus only on math section.
  2. Students who don’t have enough time: Grade 12 students or exchange students who need to focus on some essential lessons.
  3. Home school students who have different schedule from other students

The private course gives you advantages as following:

The students who have an interest in private course or private small group session can contact Mr. Wasupon Sungsang, counselling manager, tel. 089-0160619 or contact directly at Warwick Institute.